A painting membership made for you!

Step-by-Step painting tutorials for personal or business use! 

as a member 

 I have created this membership with you and your time in mind.  Once you join you will have 24/7 access to a library of 30+ painting, video tutorials, supply lists and printable templates to use to become a better artist or in your own creative businesses. You will also find and have access to a wonderful community of others who are on the same creative path as you. In this community you are free to share your successes but also ask questions about any struggles you may be having.

As an active monthly member you can use any of the paintings found inside the membership for:
1. Personal use (have fun learning to become a better artist)
2. Teach them to others online or in person for profit or free (that parts up to you)
3. Create painting kits
4. Sell paintings you create using these designs 

The easiest membership you will find on the web!!!



per month
  • You can cancel at any time. 

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Video Turtorials

The tutorial videos in the membership library will always be there for you to use for as long as you’re an active member. A new tutorial is added every month for you to enjoy and add to your creative business. You will have 24/7 access to the video library in your membership

IS THIs for advanced painters

Not at all, all paintings are designed for beginners to advanced painters. All the paintings are broken down into step-by-step instructions, for you to easily follow along or teach to others. The videos are made to stop, rewind or pause as needed. 


You will have access to an amazing community that will help and inspire you to grow in your creative adventures. Our community is based on our members coming together with the same interests to interact, inspire and support one another. 


Members can cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel, your access to the library and billing will be canceled and your account will be closed. We do not prorate for the month or refund on subscriptions. Once your subscription is cancelled you no longer have rights to use any paintings from this group in any way shape or form. 

Can I  sell the painting tutorials to other businesses?

As an active member, you are free to use the paintings for your own businesses. You are not allowed to sell or share my tutorials or paintings to other businesses for them to make money with. 

Free Floral Chicken Painting Tutorial, Supply List, Tracer & Instructions!!!

Get this Step-By-Step easy to follow painting tutorial, supply list, tracer and instructions for free. 

I also have a FREE Facebook page "The Rustic Easel" where I host free painting tutorials and teach tips and tricks on how to grow your creative business!

About me

I’m Leah, owner of The Rustic Easel! As an adult I quickly realized that teaching was what I was made to do and through that I created a successful paint party business.I felt like my journey was not supposed to end there. After getting married and having two amazing girls I slowed down a little to stay home and focus on my family. For the past couple years I have been home building my online business (while raising my girls) and wow I’m loving it. I’m not giving up paint parties any time soon but I have found a new love of creating beautiful easy to follow paintings that anyone can create and even teach to others.  

 Leah has proven her value as an artist with many years of experience, not only as a wonderful instructor but someone who brings her own unique skills and talent and love for what she does! Being part of this membership will provide ALL of what you will need to begin, grow and be successful as an artist! I have felt very empowered, encouraged and excited by all that she brings to this membership. You won’t be disappointed.

Joyce Tarbox

I love this membership. Your style is just what I was looking for and I feel like I am becoming a better artist because of the techniques you teach. I am creating art that I feel VERY proud of!! Thank you, Leah.

Carol Kristensen

Peggy Morgan Swygert I started painting in high school but only dabbled with painting for years until I went to one of Leah’s paint classes. I was hooked. Fast forward 4 years later and moving into a 55+ community I now teach two classes a month. I don’t do mine to make money but just to add another activity to the community since I’m on the activities committee (everyone says I should charge…LOL I do charge for the supplies) It has been so rewarding to see others be so proud of their paintings. Leah makes her paintings so easy to teach they are broken down into simple steps. I have learned so much myself that I feel my own paintings are so much better. If you are looking for a painting membership to make money or just to improve your own skills I would definitely use Leah’s painting tutorials.

Peggy Swygert